Adult acne
Acne is not "teens" it is a skin condition that can affect people of any age.
During adolescence is more common due to hormonal changes and other causes. However passing adolescence there is no guarantee that acne be cured, and it can cause bad acne scars that need to be removed -

The dermatologist State American Diane Berson at an annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology presented his research into the causes of acne in adults. According to Dr. Berson adult acne is different from juvenile acne.

Because of this often does not respond to common treatments that we can purchase in stores or even to many of the clinical treatments done by dermatologists. Acne in adults is mostly caused by hormonal imbalances.

Hormones and adult acne
Acne caused by hormonal imbalances usually is influenced by the presence of androgens in the body. Androgen hormones stimulate the segregation of the sebaceous glands.

An example of this is that androgens stimulates the sebaceous glands during menstruation, for this reason, women tend to have barros or pimples during this time.

Thus also androgens are affected by the level of stress in our body, so that when we are nervous we tend to suffer from de barros. Adult acne attacks usually appear in the lower part of the face including around the jaw and Chin.

The level of androgens in the body can be affected by some physical conditions in certain cases pathological (disease). This is seen in the case of menstrual problems,and alopecia among others. In many cases dermatologists work together with gynecologists to find the causes and coordinate treatments. Hormonal treatments for acne

The first thing you need to do is to go to the doctor so that you determine if the acne is due to hormonal causes. Once has been diagnosed then the doctor will decide the best treatment.

They are among options most used birth control pills, and the use of medications with cortisone. Birth control pills are the most common way to treat hormonal acne.

According to the Dr. Diane Thiboutot (Professor of the University Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in the USA) control of acne in adults is a continuous process. Most of the medicines are based on preventing new outbreaks.

Many women with adult acne use treatments based on antibiotics or other products in topical (applied to the skin), but 60% of women do not respond to these treatments. According to Dr. Thiboutot these women should go to the dermatologist to find a solution.


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